For ambitious entrepreneurs and investors

Don’t view us as a service provider, but as your personal strategic adviser.

Substantive approach

Rather than cold-calling your targets, we firstly conduct thorough market research, and only after we are satisfied with our findings do we approach the candidates who represent a true fit for your business.

Twenty years of experience

We know what we’re doing. We have years of experience, both within the sectors we work in and in the role of external M&A advisers.

Personal contact

We are entrepreneurs who work for entrepreneurs. You’ll notice this in our drive, our approach, and ultimately in the personalised advice we provide.

Ambitious entrepreneurs

We enjoy working with entrepreneurs who have a clear vision. With our expertise in growth, we select the right candidates to fulfil your growth ambitions. Through careful market mapping, we know exactly where the opportunities lie that will fit your objectives.

Private equity

With extensive market knowledge in Benelux and throughout the rest of Europe, we have been supporting international private equity parties for years in achieving growth in these markets. As a trusted adviser, we monitor the market, identify opportunities, and approach interesting candidates.

Management teams

Westeinde supports management teams as their personal M&A adviser. We listen to your goals and carefully map out your opportunities. By searching for candidates that fit your objectives, and by approaching them on the basis of a substantive match, backed up by thorough market knowledge, we can engage in meaningful conversations from the start.

Strategic advisors with knowledge of your business.

Finding the right match in the construction supply chain

Thanks to our years of experience with growth strategies and acquisitions in the construction materials industry, Westeinde knows this sector inside and out. This allows us to know exactly where to find your opportunities. Moreover, our down-to-earth Rotterdam mentality is a perfect match for the culture within this sector.

We find the right companies to increase your production

Are you looking for additional production capacity? Or do you want to increase your market, or diversify your product portfolio? Based on your goals, we map out the market and select the right candidates for your strategic growth. Our substantive approach naturally draws us to the companies that truly match your goals.

We know what’s important in business services

Entrepreneurs with tangible products and services work differently from entrepreneurs in less tangible sectors. We understand the differences and focus on this ‘tangible’ market because this is where our knowledge and expertise lie, and where we are therefore able to deliver most additional value.

Growing within Agri requires market knowledge

Our method, where we carefully map out the market and only approach the companies that offer a good match, requires in-depth market knowledge. Our experience in the Agricultural sector ensures that we know where to find growth opportunities for you and how to utilise them, within the Netherlands and beyond.


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