Do you want to buy or sell a business with an eye to the future?

Sustainable business acquisitions

Westeinde provides guidance to entrepreneurs and investors during the purchase and sale of companies. We are not here for the quick deal, we want sustainable results. We look to the future with you: what happens after the sale? In terms of results, in terms of reputation, in terms of culture? Do the buyer’s plans match the situation now? We know from experience that the right match between seller and buyer makes the difference for the future of the company.

What we do

1. Purchase guidance

You want to take over a company. To grow, to gain knowledge and talent, or to add products or services to your range. With our knowledge of acquisitions and integration, for the construction supply industry in particular, we know where the opportunities lie. We’ll discuss your goals to find out what you’re looking for: an acquisition that will make your business stronger. Our strength lies in international buy & build and in being pro-active in the creation of acquisition opportunities.  

2. Prepare your business for sale

You have worked hard to build your business, and now you want to sell it. But is your company ready to be sold? We help you prepare everything for the sale. We do this by really getting to know your market and looking at your products and services. Is the unique strength of your company clear to the prospective buyer? Together we look at what you have built up and how you want the buyer to continue.

3. Sell your business

You have worked passionately over the years to grow your company. Now is the time: you want to sell. But not for any price. Not just in terms of money, but also in terms of conditions. Because you want your ideas to continue. We understand that. This is why we not only look for the highest bidder, we find the right match for a sustainable takeover.

4. Integration after the sale/purchase

We found a match. The sale is complete. But now the work actually starts. The acquired business must be integrated into the buyer’s business. Our service does not stop when the deal is signed. We also supervise the process afterwards. We know from experience that this extra attention ensures a sustainable continuation of the company.

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Our clients


We assist ambitious entrepreneurs and investors with acquisitions. Our main focus is the construction supply industry because we know this industry very well. We know how to find the right candidate. We specialise in providing support to clients in international buy & build and in being pro-active in the creation of acquisition opportunities.


We help entrepreneurs sell their business. We look for more than just the highest bidder, this is why we have been successful working for entrepreneurs who are interested in what happens to their company after the sale. 


Westeinde offers:

About Westeinde

Westeinde was founded by Kees-Jan van ’t Westeinde in 2019. He has been successfully involved in acquisitions and integrations across Europe since 2000. Unlike traditional advisors, Westeinde also focuses on the post-acquisition period. Entrepreneurs put their heart and soul into their business, and they do not simply want to give up their baby to anybody. With respect and appreciation for what has been built up over the years, Westeinde works with you to find the best match. It is a challenge every time, but by getting to know each other well, we almost always find the right buyer.


Kees-Jan van ’t Westeinde played an important role in the sale of our stake in Forté GmbH, a German automotive company. Forté’s shareholders came from 4 different countries. Within this complex international setting (the buyer was also an international company), Kees-Jan efficiently made an excellent deal that buyers and sellers were very satisfied with. He took control of the sales process from the outset. He always took the short and long-term diverse interests of all stakeholders into account. He was able to rely on the confidence that he had already gained from the parties involved through a combination of his endearing personality and an analytical approach. For example, he sketched a clear picture of the course of the sales process, including any possible barriers, for the parties involved and harmonised everyone’s expectations. His performance reflected his long experience and knowledge in the field of M&A processes, his ability to deal with people from different backgrounds, and his knowledge of different cultures. I heartily recommend Kees-Jan for M&A projects.

In 2011 our family business, Hylas B.V., was successfully sold to the Shutters & Awnings group of the listed Irish company, CRH. Hylas B.V. was founded by our father in 1979 and we have been able to jointly expand this into a confection specialist for sun protection fabrics and a market leader in the Netherlands. Our focus was to make the company even stronger and to expand further abroad.

We first came into contact with Kees-Jan van ’t Westeinde in 2009, when he was approaching companies for a possible takeover on behalf of CRH. CRH’s aim was to create an international group of leading sun protection and roller shutter companies. We were enthusiastic about this group and what it could mean for our company, as well as for ourselves.  Kees-Jan generated a lot of confidence thanks to his open and result-oriented approach, but he never lost the human touch to which we attach great value. This approach and the new challenges have been decisive in achieving the sale in 2011. And now, partly because Kees-Jan gave “business driven” leadership to this group, we have been active for more than 8 years after the sale and have enjoyed it – a win-win situation for all stakeholders!

I have worked with Kees-Jan for more than ten years in merger and acquisition projects.

Working with him was always a pleasure because he is well prepared, in control and creative in finding solutions. His strength is to bond with people in uncertain circumstances, which is often the case in acquisition processes. He is analytically strong and is well able to develop and articulate a strategy. With financial models he supports the decision making process. Together we did many good deals in several countries. He knows the real Work starts after the deal is done and the promised value has to be realised. And maybe most important Kees Jan has good humour, is open minded and easy to work with which made long working days feeling like having fun with a friend.

Kees-Jan prepared our deal over 6 years until we came to a common conclusion that CRH would have been the right parent for our company – my life work. More important for me and my responsibility towards our 250 employees was his work in the integration phases after deal closing. He did a very good and responsible job which I still appreciate, even many years after the deal was done. 

Kees-Jan’s blend of human insight and long term commercial experience ensured that the process of selling our family business into a multinational group was a highly successful step financially and personally for both our family & our team as well as the new owners. Having subsequently worked with Kees-Jan for a period in the new group, he drove through the agreed strategy while keeping all parties motivated & engaged in order to achieve maximum added value for the long term.

The multi-faceted business & personal focus was Kees-Jan’s trademark in a range of subsequent business acquisition and divestment processes, in line with the core  strategy to build a new innovative product group. While driving the overall strategy he was able to instinctively ensure that the human touch was always present which was a vital skill in achieving a strong long term team.

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