Specialised in substantive market scans and finding the perfect fit

Our acquisitions are always based on a long-term vision and the perfect substantive match.

Entrepreneurs pour their hearts and souls into their businesses and don’t just hand over their ‘baby’ to anyone. With respect and appreciation for what has been built, Westeinde’s business builders look for the perfect match, together with you.

Our values

Substantive approach

Rather than just cold-calling potential targets, we firstly conduct thorough market research, before we approach only those candidates that represent an excellent match for your business. This approach allows us to proactively develop acquisition opportunities with a greater success rate.

Twenty years of experience

We know what we’re doing, thanks to many years of experience within the sectors we’re active in, and our track record as M&A advisers. This combination of market knowledge and M&A expertise makes us the ideal partner for entrepreneurs, management teams and investors.

Personal contact

We are not external consultants who advise from a distance; we sit right next to you to offer you our full support. You’ll notice this in our drive, our thorough approach, and in the customised advice we offer. With a healthy dose of pragmatism and the typical Rotterdam mentality.

Buy side

Proactive deal creation: working from trust

Everything we do is based on mutual respect and trust: for you, your business, and your acquisition candidates. We therefore only approach those candidates after we have thoroughly delved into their background. Because we engage in substantive conversations, we often create unique opportunities to start negotiations.

Our team

Meet our business builders

Meet our team of Rotterdam M&A professionals.


Initially, I thought we would conduct the negotiations together, but in the end, Kees-Jan successfully led them with me in the background.

Kees Ooms

— Buwatec


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